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Previous/other names: Law Society

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1923 - present

History: The initial aim of the society when it was formed in 1923 was to increase the number of law courses offered at UNB by two, thereby furthering the progression towards the establishment of a law school at UNB. Today the Law Student's Society is an organization that operates out of UNB's Law School.

Activities: The group organizes a variety of activities, encourages involvement in professional organizations, and provides funding to student-run law school initiatives and societies. Members host an Orientation Program for incoming students, run a Moot Court Board, operate a Law bookstore, and sponsor guest lectures. Recreational activities include: coffee houses, monthly pubs, participation in intramural athletic programs, and an annual Legal Rites Variety Show and Law Ball.

Note(s): After spending a number of years in Saint John, the UNB Law School moved to Fredericton in 1959, bringing with it the tradition of the annual Law Ball. To accomodate this move, the UNB Law Society revised and amended its club constitution.


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