James O. Dineen (Auditorium)

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Photo taken during the official dedication of the James O. Dineen Auditorium, 1977. UA RG 340; Series 14; File 12969.

Name of Memorial/Commemoration: James O. Dineen (Auditorium)

Other Names:

Location: Head Hall

Date Unveiled: 5 December 1977


Named for:

Event/Occasion/Significance: Ceremony commemorating the James O. Dineen Auditorium, memorial plaque, and painting created in his honour.

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated:

Notes: Dineen is remembered for his near 40 years service as engineering lecturer, professor, dean and president of this university. Present at the commemorative ceremony, and to pay tribute to the late James O. Dineen, were A. Foster Baird, University President John M. Anderson , and former UNB President Colin B. MacKay.


  • University Perspectives v. 4, no. 8 (23 January 1978): 2.

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