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The Harry Velensky Human Relations Prize is awarded annually to an undergraduate for the best essay on the subject of human relations, with a view to the promotion of a better understanding between all peoples at all levels of society. Below are the recipients from UNB's Fredericton Campus. UNBSJ recipients have not yet been added.

Year Name Student of
Title of essay Held at UNB Archives
1961 Barry Mackay UNB Fredericton "An analysis of social structure" Yes
1962 Ellen J. Rowley UNB Fredericton "The great depression" Yes
1963 David Efraty UNB Fredericton "The social organization of Israel" Yes
1964 Hazel Ross UNB Fredericton "The aims and methods of the Girondists and the nature of their conflict with the mountain" Yes
1965 Donald C. Bird Unknown "Slum clearance - a successful failure?" Yes
1966 Brian E. Butler Unknown "Creativity in perspective" Yes
1967 James McNaughton Unknown "The Drama Society of St. Thomas" Yes
1968 Patrick S. Bennett Unknown No
1969 Carolyn Keirstead Unknown "The engineer - what manner of man" Yes
1970 Gail M. McWilliam Unknown "The cultural implications of the new Indian Act" Yes
1971 Anne Marie Harley Unknown "Juvenile delinquency as a symptom of alienation" Yes
1972 Constance Seymour UNB Fredericton "A small drop of ink: the relationship of the Canadian Prime Minister and the press" Yes
1973 Jerome K. Turner Unknown "The sociology of law underlying the criminalization of marijuana" yes
1974 Marcia Williamson Unknown "An analysis of two revitalization Movements as alternative responses to similar socio-Cultural situations" Yes
1975 Sharyn L. Pope UNB Fredericton "An explanation of the hostility experienced by the Oriental population of British Columbia Yes
1976 William Singleton Unknown No
1977 Barbara L. Hughes Unknown No
1978 Not awarded
1979 Joseph S. O'Toole Unknown "The hippy culture - a compromise analysis" Yes
1980 Wilfred M. Langmaid Unknown No
1981 Debra McDonough UNB Fredericton "The Laurier-Greenway Compromise - Laurier's approach to the Manitoba School Question" Yes
1982 Martin L. Nicolai UNB Fredericton "The involvement of German industry in the Holocaust" Yes
1983 Not awarded
1984 Gregory K. Betts Unknown No
1985 P. Sarah Abraham UNB Fredericton "Why did Pope Pius XII remain silent during the Holocaust?" Yes
1986 Vaughn L. Barnett Unknown R. vs. Morgentaler: the abortion issue revisited" Yes
1987 Janice M. Cook UNB Fredericton "What happened to the poor in Colonial Maritime society?" Yes
1988 Janice M. Cook UNB Fredericton No
1989 Not awarded
1990 Charlotte Glencross UNB Fredericton No
1991 Rachael T. Brown Unknown No
1992 Lee Marie Dugas UNB Fredericton "Sir Oswald Mosley, British Fascism and the Nazi Cabal" Yes
1993 Tammy Yates UNB Fredericton "Contemporary attitudes about women's work in Britain's early industrial period" Yes
1994 Robert Peacock UNB Fredericton "Ford's Pinto - the ethical issues" Yes
1995 Jeremy Hayhoe UNB Fredericton "Crime and criminals in London, 1750-1810" Yes
1996 Kim Branch UNB Fredericton "The factory girl in nineteenth century Britain" Yes
1997 Sarah Miller UNB Fredericton "Domestic ideology and the role of the English middle-class women in the family and in enterprise" Yes
1998 Marc-Andre Hache UNB Fredericton Literature of conquest: European descriptions of the New World in the 16th century" Yes
1999 Not awarded
2000 David Ford UNB Fredericton "The Artful Voyeur and the Terrible Beauty: The similarities between Yeats and Heaney as seen through Æaster 1916 and Punishment" Yes
2001 Terence J. Chandra Unknown "Neo paganism and Judeo-Christian through in Nazi historical and mythical remembrance" Yes
2002 Sharon Weaver UNB Fredericton "Two talented women of 1789" Yes
2003 Angela Waite UNB Fredericton "Poverty, public policy, and panhandling in the City of Fredericton" Yes
2004 Jennifer Allaby UNB Fredericton "The rise of the workhouse system of poor relief in England, c.1300-1900" Yes
2005 Jacob William Taylor UNB Fredericton “Priest and Peasant: Declining Clerical Influence in Rural France” Yes
2006 Katharine Rebecca Orkus UNB Fredericton “Mi’kmaq and Maliseet: The Colonial-Native Relationship in New Brunswick, mid-19th Century" Yes
2007 Christiane Aiton UNB Fredericton "The American indigenous in the eyes of the sixteenth century European" Yes
2008 Sara Dunton UNB Fredericton "The male voice and viewpoint of Janet Schaw" Yes
2009 Not awarded
2010 Steven Hansen UNB Fredericton "A provision for the sick poor pious physic and healing in sixteenth and seventeenth century England" Yes
2011 Rachael Anne Wyatt UNB Fredericton Blonde Roots: Evaristo's destabilizing translations and reflections" Yes
2012 Travis Patrick Wysote Unknown No
2013 Conor Caitlin Falvey UNB Fredericton
Joseph Burton

Trickle down: Ronald Reagan's 1985 State of the Union Address and working class America"


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