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Previous/other names: Anti-Apartheid Group Fredericton (1965 - 1967)

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1965 - 1970

History: The Anti-Apartheid Group was established to inform and influence member and public opinions about human rights, to promote awareness of the legal and organizational measures available for remedying injustices, and to challenge those laws which proved to be inadequate by informing the appropriate agencies and the public.

In 1967 the name of the organization was changed to UNB Group for Human Rights to reflect a shift in the group's focus - from anti-apartheid, to the protection of human rights for everyone, everywhere.

In 1968 when appointed secretary and founding member Monika Abicht moved away from Fredericton the group feared dissolution, but her role in the group was taken over by Economics Associate Professor Robert McKinnell, who worked to keep the group on track.

Activities: The group held private and public meetings, organized viewings of films concerning human rights interests, fund-raised, drew up petitions against local and international human rights violations, and joined a mass demonstration against the Vietnam War.

Note(s): In 1967 the issue of racial discrimination within the student housing market was of particular focus for the group because it affected group members directly.


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