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The Dominick Graham Prize in War History is a book prize awarded annually for the best essay in an undergraduate seminar on war history. The prize has been endowed by friends, colleagues, and students of Dr. D.S. Graham in recognition of his contributions to the university and to scholarship.

Year Name Title of essay Held at UNB Archives Student of
1990 Dean Chappelle "Douglas Haig and the Reflections of History" Yes UNB Fredericton
1991 Barbara Corbett No Unknown
1992 Michael Stephen Elliott "Sebastien LePrestre de Vauban: A Debate on the Genius of Louis XIV's Greatest Military Engineer" Yes UNB Fredericton
1993 Unknown
1994 Brian Wallace Travis "Battle Smart: The Breaking of the Gothic Line" Yes Unknown
1995 Not awarded No
1996 Carrie Hunter "'Absentes para Siempre (Forever Absent)': The Causes of Argentina's Dirty War 1976-1983" Yes UNB Fredericton
1997 Jacob Aaron Sweezey No Unknown
1998 Patrick Glenn Fitzpatrick No Unknown
1999 David Arthur Peabody No Unknown
2000 Krista Dawn Stewart No Unknown
2001 Sharon A. Weaver No UNB Fredericton
2002 Stephen Andrew Thomas Bagnell No Unknown
2003 Roger Clark Ince No Unknown
2004 David Wayne Foster No Unknown
2005 Bjorn Carl Bernhard Langerlof No Unknown
2006 Sarah Elizabeth Tracy No Unknown
2007 John Byron Publow Armstrong No Unknown
2008 Daniel Thomas Price No Unknown
2009 Damien Caissie “Success and Failure in the Partition of the Israeli-Palestinian Territory” Yes UNB Fredericton
2010 Lindsey MacCallum "A Year of Dust: The Failure of the United Nations Operation in Somalia" Yes UNB Fredericton
2011 Tyler John Girard No UNB Fredericton
2012 Nicole Meier “A Tribute to the Life of a World War One Canadian Nursing Sister: Minnie Katherine Gallaher (1880-1918)” Yes Unknown
2013 Rebecca Danielle Stieva No Unknown


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