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Previous names: Department of Physical Sciences

Exterior of William Ganong Hall Record group/Fonds UA PC; Series UA PC 9e; Item no. 3 (2) 1964

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Geology was introduced at UNBSJ in 1964 as a single first year course, identical in structure to UNB Fredericton’s and offered under Fredericton’s Science Faculty. For the first five years at UNBSJ, Geology classes were held at Beaverbrook House and labs were held in the Old Provincial Building and the old Saint John Law School library. Prior to the Provincial Building location, labs were held at the Y Men’s Room at the Y.M.C.A. These locations were used until 1969 when Geology classes and labs moved – along with the rest of UNBSJ’s Science programs – to William Ganong Hall on the Tucker Park campus. In the first year, Dr. Richard Brown taught lectures and labs and Dr. Alan J. Gordon was recruited to carry on with the position in the school’s second year of operation.

The Geology programme continued to develop and operate as a bi-campus offering since its introduction. In 1967 the Geology option was offered to students who wished to specialize in Geology in their third and fourth years at UNB Fredericton. The option provided first and second year courses that were intended to benefit students later on in their enhanced studies in Geology. In 1974, Geology was moved to the Division of Mathematics and Science. Additionally, the Pass, Major and Honours programme had become a part of UNB Fredericton’s Geology Department and the Geology option in Saint John further developed its purpose of laying groundwork for students in their final two years studying Geology at UNB Fredericton. By 1975, there were eleven courses in Geology offered on the Saint John campus. In 1976 Geology administratively moved with the other sciences to the Division of Science, still operating under the Fredericton Faculty of Science. After 1993, Geology was listed as part of the newly established UNBSJ Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering but still remained a bi-campus discipline with the UNBF Department of Geology. Beginning in 2014, students could complete a minor in Geology at UNBSJ but were required to complete third and fourth year of the Pass, Major, and Honours programmes at UNB Fredericton.

Physical location: William Ganong Hall

Faculty: UNBSJ - Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering (1993-); UNBF - Faculty of Science (1964-)

Notes: Linked to UNBF Department of Geology


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