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Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1946 - ?

History: The UNB Flying Club was formed in October 1946 by a small number of students who, having served in the Royal Canadian Air Force, were experienced flyers with a continued interest in flying. The group immediately elected officers, drafted a constitution, and staked out two runways in a field that was offered up by the university. A month later the Student Representative Council unanimously voted to give the group $2000 to buy a small plane. With the money, the club purchased a Piper Cub for $2200. They rented the Sturgeon Flying Field for $30 per month, and supplemented the cost of the rental, oil, gas, insurance, and maintenance by offering flights for $5.50 per hour.

Activities: The club sponsored a dance to celebrate the arrival of their first plane in January 1947. Thereafter the plane was available on weekends and weekday afternoons for half hour flying lessons for beginners.

Note(s): The group initially considered purchasing a field for $2000, but the purchase would need to be approved by the Senate, which did not meet again till February. At that time, Mr. Sturgeon made the offer of renting his field.

Members of the Fredericton community demonstrated their support for the club by donating funds to the group. They received $200 in donations in the first month, with promises for more from a number of other citizens.

No pilot who had gone more than six months without flying was permitted to take a passenger up with him. A new or out-of-practice pilot was obligated to complete six hours of solo flight before being joined by a passenger.


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