Edward Vaughan Boulger

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Nicknames/Other names:


  • Graduated from Trinity College, Dublin (1869), as First Senior Moderator in Classics, History, English Literature, and Law.

Dates Employed: 1871-1872

Faculty: Arts

Department: Classics

Position(s) held:

  • Professor of Classics (1871-1872)



  • Boulger began his academic career in 1869 - he worked at Rathmines School (Dublin) as Head Classical Master.
  • In 1871 he emigrated to Canada to work at UNB.
  • In September of 1872 he left UNB to take a position as Senior Classical Master at Erasmus Smith High School, in Dublin (found the Canadian climate too severe).
  • 1873-1875 was the first Headmaster at Lurgan College, Ireland.
  • 1875 - 1883 Chair of Greek at University College, Cork.


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