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Previous names: Division of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science; Department of Engineering

UNBSJ Marine Engineering Record group/Fonds PR; Series 2; Sub-series 4; File 942

Established: 1993


The subject of Engineering was first taught at UNBSJ in the year 1966. Courses at the first-year level were offered in 1966 and in 1972 second year courses were added. The first two years of Engineering offered at UNBSJ were designed to provide the departmental course credit requirements set by the Faculty of Engineering in Fredericton. In addition, the department’s offerings in Saint John strove to prepare students for the selection of a specialization in their third and fourth year at UNB Fredericton. Courses were taught at Beaverbrook House until 1969 when Engineering students and faculty moved into William Ganong Hall on the Tucker Park campus.

Though the Engineering program did not offer a full Engineering degree at UNBSJ, the department continued to develop in its home on the Tucker Park campus. By 1974, fifteen courses were offered in various fields of engineering, and by 1995 there were thirty-three courses offered. Mandatory courses during the first two years were in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and Arts. New Engineering courses in Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, and Engineering Measurements were offered in 1972. In 1974, Engineering also became part of the Division of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science under UNB Fredericton’s Department of Engineering. In 1988, a conjoined program with Memorial University was offered where students could choose to study Marine Engineering for five semesters at UNBSJ and the remainder at Memorial. In 1999, the first years of Forest Engineering also became available to students at UNBSJ followed by the first year of Software Engineering and Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering in 2008. In the year 1993, the Engineering Department, chaired by Dr. Terrance C. Cotter, became part of the Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering. In 1998, the K.C. Irving Hall was constructed and became home to the Engineering Department administration and classrooms.

Physical Location: K.C. Irving Hall (1998-), William Ganong Hall (1969-1998)

Faculty: Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering

Notes: UNBSJ Engineering Department is linked to UNBF Engineering Department


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