David H. Walker Prize in Creative Writing

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The David H. Walker Prize is awarded to a gifted undergraduate or graduate writer on the Fredericton campus. Applicants are required to submit a sample of their recent work, a short story or chapter of a novel, to the Department of English. Finalists are interviewed by a Selection Committee. The prize is funded by the family of the late David H. Walker, and was first awarded in 1997.

Year Name Held at UNB Archives
1997 Mike Belyea No
1998 Marla Becking No
1999 Adam Dickinson No
2000 Darryl Whetter Yes
2001 Craig Davidson No
2002 Tony Antoniades No
2003 Craig Davidson No
2004 Maureen Bilerman No
2005 Erin Knight No
2006 Unknown No
2007 Danny Jacobs No
2008 Patrick Leech No
2009 Emily Ruskovich No
2010 Ryan Marshall No
2011 Peter Forestell No
2012 Katharine Murray No
2013 Alexandra Emily Bosse No


  • UA Case 146.

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