Currie Mountain

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Unveiling of the Currie Mountain Memorial, 1965. PC; Series UA PC 4; Item no. 12 (70).

Name of Memorial/Commemoration: Currie Mountain

Other Names:

Location: On the other side of the river above Fredericton

Date Unveiled: 18 May 1965

Artist/Creator: N/A

Named for:

Event/Occasion/Significance: Plaque Unveiling commemorated the presentation of Currie Mountain to UNB

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated: This mountain, of volcanic origin, clad in pines and oaks, relics of the original forest, the habitat of rare plants, is a gift from Earle and Louise Turner to the University of New Brunswick. This inscription is placed here in grateful acknowledgment of the generosity of the donors, who throughout a period of many years, enriched with their presence the academic and social life of this university.

Notes: The property, comprised of of 60 acres, including a mountain of volcanic origin and a half mile of shore line, is a gift from Dr. and Mrs. E.O. Turner to UNB. It was established as an outdoor classroom to be maintained in its natural state as much as possible. Here, students in botany, forestry, and geology could study and explore rare plants and flowers, some of which unmatched in condition or maturity by any in the province.


  • The Alumni News v. 19, no. 2 (Summer 1965): 7.

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