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Previous/other names: UNB Cricket Club

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1870 - ?; 1961 - present

History: The UNB Cricket Club was organized in 1870, giving interested students the opportunity to practice the sport of cricket. The sport has not been practiced continually over the past century and a half, but has remained a UNB tradition to present date.

Activities: The team purchases and maintains equipment, organizes teams and schedules, and meets twice weekly to play cricket.

Note(s): Games take place indoors during the winter, and outdoors during the summer.

In 1962, members were fined 10 cents for each disturbance or cause of annoyance during a meeting or on the field. Membership was 50 cents per season, plus 10 cents per month. An additional 5 cent fine was awarded for each late payment, and to each player absent without being excused on a game day.


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