Continuing, Adult, Mature, and Part-time University Students (CAMPUS)

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Previous/other names: CAMPUS

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1985 - 1994

History: CAMPUS was established by mature students to provide a support network for, deliver information and resources to, and enrich the university experiences of mature students at both UNB and STU.

Activities: The group articulated the issues and concerns of mature students on both campuses, and successfully advocated for public school March break to line up with that of UNB and STU to alleviate the burden on mature students with children. The group held weekly luncheon meetings, published a newsletter, created an awards program for part-time students, and hosted special holiday events.

Note(s): In 1990, with membership reaching two thousand five hundred, the group deemed it necessary to hire an executive directer to organize and manage group activities. Organization had previously been undertaken entirely by student volunteers, many of whom had families and part-time jobs.


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