Concrematio Analyticarum

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(Tune--Rock of Ages)

Lurid red the torch's ray, Gleams across our midnight way, As with songs and dirges sad, Mourn we Anna Lytics dead.

Hushed is now the busy world, And the day's bright banner furled, Weeping Sophomores now draw near, See our Anna on her bier.

Now for us her course is run, And our weary victory won. For the gaping Freshman crew, She shall rise with terrors new.

When the greedy flame shall eat Coffin, pall and winding-sheet, Still we chant our solemn lays, Mindful of her pristine days.

Though through many a weary night, She disturbed our slumbers light, Yet we'll sing right mournfully, "Requiescat in pace."

Note(s): This song refers to the Analytical Geometry textbook, nicknamed "Anna", and the tradition of the Burning of Ana. This song is found in Carmina as early as the 1898 edition.


  • Carmina Universitatis Novi Brunsvici. Fredericton, NB: University of New Brunswick, 1898.

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