Co-ca-che-lunk (1921)

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When we first came on the campus, We were Freshmen green as grass; Now, as grave and reverend Seniors, Smile we o'er the verdant past.

Chorus-- Co-ca-che-lunk-che-lunk-che-la-ly, Co-ca-che-lunk-che-lunk-che-lay, Co-ca-che-lunk-che-lunk-che-la-ly, Hi! Oh chicken why don't you lay.

We have fought the fight together, We have struggled side by side, Broken are the ties that bind us, We must cut our sticks and slide.

Some will go to Greece and Athens, Some to Italy and Rome, Some to Greenland's ice mountains, More perhaps will stay at home.

What will Davy do without us, For so very long a time, Really, Gentlemen, this is disgraceful, Ante up and pay your fine.

Note(s): An early incarnation of this song dates back to the 1881 edition of Carmina. The addition of the fifth stanza is first found in the 1898 edition of Carmina, though the first line in the last stanza reads " What will Tommy do without us", in reference to UNB President Thomas Harrison. The first appearance of the song with the last line of the chorus as "Hi! Oh chicken why don't you lay" appears in 1904. In the 1925 and 1928 editions of Carmina, the line "what will Davy do without us" is written as "what will the President do without us".


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