Centennial of the Birth of Lord Beaverbrook

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Photo taken at the plaque unveiling during the centennial of Lord Beaverbrook's birth, 1979. UA RG 340; Series 15; File 13243. Item 8.

Name of Memorial/Commemoration: Plaque commemorating the centennial anniversary of Lord Beaverbrook's birth

Other Names:

Location: Lounge of the Lady Beaverbrook Residence

Date Unveiled: October 1979


Named for: Lord Beaverbrook

Event/Occasion/Significance: The 100th anniversary of Lord Beaverbrook's birth.

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated: The Rt. Hon. Lord Beaverbrook P.C., LL.D., D.Litt., D.C.L. - In Commemoration of the centennial of the birth on 25 May 1879 of William Maxwell Aitken, First Baron Beaverbrook, Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick from 1947 to 1953, Honorary Chancellor, 1954-1964: A leader in the defense of the free world in the Second Great War; a distinguished citizen of Canada; and generous friend and benefactor of the University. Founder's Day, 18 October 1979

Notes: Lord Beaverbrook is remembered for his many contributions, both financial and intellectual, to various parts of campus life. He is considered to be one of UNB's greatest benefactors. Lord Beaverbrook held the office of chancellor after the Second World War. He funded various building projects, which included constructions and contributions to residence, athletic, and the library, and founded undergraduate scholarships.

The plaque was unveiled as part of the Founder's Day celebrations. Present at the ceremony were Thomas J. Condon, acting president, Professor Emerita (Psychology) Florence Snodgrass, recipient of Lord Beaverbrook's entrance scholarship in 1920, and Lady Jean Campbell, Lord Beaverbrook's granddaughter. UNB historian Dr. Murray Young delivered the [Founder's Day address], and his speech included a tribute to Lord Beaverbrook's work and generosity.


  • Plaque Inscription: University of New Brunswick Public Relations Department Photograph Collection; Series 2; Sub-series 3; File 721; Item 8

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