Caribbean Circle

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Previous/other names: West Indian Society (1961 - 1974).

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1961 - ?

History: The Caribbean Circle (originally the West Indian Society) was formed to foster unity among Caribbean born students, and between those students and the general student population.

Activities: The Caribbean Circle held monthly meetings, regular social gatherings, and an annual Carribean Night (known as the Big Bamboo Night). The annual Caribbean Night was an evening of food, music, dancing, skits, poetry, and other cultural activities.

Note(s): In the 1970's the group was opened up to Latin American students as well.

In 1990, Dexter Noel, founding member of Caribbean Circle, returned to Caribbean Night as a guest speaker, addressing the importance of African influence on the West Indies, and singing a Spanish song dedicated to the Spanish members of the group.


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