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(Tune--Auld Lang Syne)

Come Seniors, come, and fill your pipes, Your richest incense raise; Let's take a smoke, a parting smoke, For good old by-gone days.

Chorus-- For good old by-gone days we'll smoke, For good old by-gone days, We'll take a smoke, a parting smoke, For good old by-gone days.

We'll crown the cannon with a cloud, We'll celebrate its praise; Recalling its old smoking song. Of good old by-gone days

We'll smoke to those we've left behind, In devious college ways; We'll smoke to songs we've sung before, In good old by-gone days.

We'll smoke to Alma Mater's name; She loves the cloud we raise! For well she knows the "biggest guns" Are in the coming days.

We'll smoke the times, the good old times, When we were called to fire! Their light shall blaze in memory, Till the lamp of life expire.

Then let each smoking pipe be broke, Hurrah for coming days. We'll take a march, a merry march, To meet the coming rays.

Note(s): This song probably refers to the Encaenia tradition of the Firing of the Cannon. In the 1881 edition of Carmina, the Chorus reads as "For good old by-gone days/We'll smoke for good old by-gone days/We'll take a smoke, a parting smoke/For good old by-gone days."


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