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The Bryan Priestman Memorial Lecture Series, held at UNB Fredericton, were established in 1946 to commemorate Bryan Priestman, a professor of physics at UNB who died in 1945 while attempting to save a boy from drowning in the Saint John River.


Date Name of Lecturer Title of Lecture(s)
21-22 January 1952 Harlow Shapley

"The Effect of Science on National Boundaries"
"The Cosmos" 
"Advanced Problems in Astronomy"

4-6 March 1953 James A. Corry "Civil Liberties in Trying Times"
"Fair Hopes for Democracy"
"The Demands of Democracy
31 March, 1-2 April 1954 George Wald "The Origin of Life"
"Atoms and Organisms"
"Biochemical Evolution"
2-4 March 1955 George Gamow "Evolution of the Stars"
"Origin of the Universe"
"Biochemical Evolution"
18-20 April 1956 J.H. Quastel "Influence of Biochemistry on Modern Life"
"Chemical Activities of the Soil"
"Action of Drugs on Enzyme Systems"
21-23 October 1957 Linus Pauling "Molecules in Relation to Disease"
"The Structure of Proteins"
"Science in the Modern World"
18-20 February 1959 John Tuzo Wilson "Results of the International Geophysical Year"
"Mountain Building and Continental Growth"
"Radioactive Methods of Determining the Age of the Earth and Rocks"
24-26 February 1960 Robert Watson-Watt "Scientists and Statesmen"
"Physics Is Not Enough"
"Radar's Birthday"
11-13 March 1963 H.L. Keenleyside "The World Around Us"
"Race, Colour, and the Commonwealth"
"Democracy and Canada"
9-11 March 1964 Sydney Fox "Theories of Biochemical Origins"
"Experimental Geosynthesis and the Origin of Cells"
"Modern Extensions of Evolutionary Theory"
29-31 March 1965 Philip Morrison "Like a Plain in Bohemia"
"The Plurality of Worlds"
"A Discriminating Search"
2-4 November 1966 Har Gobind Khorana "Nucleic Acid Synthesis"
"Genetic Code I"
"Genetic Code II"
24-26 March 1969 John Wheeler "The End of Time"
"The Strange Nature of Einstein's Space"
"Our Universe: The Known and the Unknown"
20-22 January 1970 Edward Bullard "The Rocks Beneath the Ocean"
"The Earth's Magnetic Field"
"The New Geology: Ridges, Plates and Trenches"
2-4 November 1970 Zdenek Kopal "Fundamental Properties of the Moon and its Internal Structure"
"Surface of the Moon and its Composition"
"Age and Evolution of the Moon"
20-22 March 1972 Robert C. Gallo "Tumor viruses, theories of viral oncogenesis and relevance to man"
"Reverse transcriptase: the DNA polymerase of oncogenic RNA viruses"
"The Leukemic Cell"
18-20 March 1974 Gerhard Herzberg "The Space Between the Stars"
"Spectra of Molecular Ions"
"Experimental Tessets of the Quantium Theory of Molecular Hydrogen"
29-31 March 1976 Matthew S. Meselson "The Replication and Mutation of DNA - mutation and cancer"
"Recombination and Rearrangement of Genes"
"The Eukaryotic Gene - Why is it so large?"
17-19 October 1977 William S. Fyfe "Global Resources: The Evolution of the Earth's Crust"
"Fluid motion, Chemical Transport and Ore Deposits"
"Geosphere Interaction; Global Mixing"
1978 - 1979 None  
17-19 March 1980 William Nunn Lipscomb "How do Enzymes Work?"
"Regulatory Processes at the Molecular Level in Proteins and Enzymes"
"Boranes and Carboranes"
19-20 October 1981 Rosalyn Yalow "Radioactivity in the Service of Man"
"Radiation: Are There Safe Levels?"
"An Introduction to Radioimmunoassay"
19-21 September 1983 Arthur L. Schawlow "Lasers and their Uses"
"Spectroscopy in a New Light"
"Frontiers in Laser Spectroscopy"
15-16 October 1986 Ursula Franklin "Archaeometry, A New Interdisciplinary Field"
"Cooperative Research Among Scientists, Archaeologists and Historians: What Happens in Real Life" "Women's Contributions in Science and Technology"
6-7 October 1988 John Polanyi "Groping Towards Discovery"
"New Directions in Reaction Dynamics"
7-9 February 1990 F. Kenneth Hare "Nature Under Attack: Learning How To Survive"
"The Preservation of Nature: The Role of the Changing Climate"
"Energy Options: Public Safety and Environmental Changes"
17-19 October 1990 Ronald L. Graham "Computers and Mathematics: Coping with Finiteness"
"The Shortest Network Problem" "Quasi-random Graphs"
16-18 October 1991 John Maynard Smith "The Evolution of Sex"
"The Major Transitions in Evolutions"
"The Evolution of Bacteria: Does Sex Matter?"
8-9 October 1992 Roger Penrose "Computability and the Mind"
"Magic Dodecahedra and the Mystery of Quantum Entanglement"
14-15 April 1994 Rudolph Marcus "Life in Science: Interaction of Theory and Experiment"
"Electron Transfer Reactions in Chemistry and Biology"
14-15 November 1994 Eugene Shoemaker "Large-body Impacts Are a Cause for Mass Extinctions"
"The Crash of Periodic Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter"
30-31 October 1995 John H. Conway "Calendar Calisthenics"
"The Symmetries of Things"
17-18 October 1998 Michael Smith "Chemistry and Genetics"
"The First Stages of DNA Sequencing in the Human Genome Project"
20-21 May 1999 Harrison Hagan Schmitt "Back to the Moon and Beyond"
Untitled technical lecture
13-15 September 2006 Harold Kroto "Science, Society and Sustainability"
"Enlightenment Under Threat - Can it Be Saved by the Internet?"
"Architecture in NanoSpace"
18 September 2012 Christopher J. Wild "It's a Great Story, but is it True?"
3-4 October 2019 Arthur McDonald "Understanding the Universe from Deep Underground"
"From the Tiniest Particles to the Farthest Reaches of The Universe"
30 January 2020 Donna Strickland "Generating High-Intensity, Ultrashort Optical Pulses"


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