Bicentennial Choir

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Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1984 - 2004

History: The Bicentennial Choir was formed and directed by Steven Peacock in 1984, in preparation for the bicentennial celebration of UNB. The choir continued for a number of years after the bicentennial, performing at Encaenia, convocations, Christmas recitals, the Red 'n' Black Revue, The Arts Cabaret, and other events on and off campus.

Activities: The Bicentennial Choir gave UNB students a chance to exercise their talents while receiving training in choral assembly work, both traditional and contemporary.

Note(s): The establishment of the Bicentennial Choir ended a ten to fifteen year hiatus in vocal music at UNB, since the Glee Club was dissolved a number of years earlier.


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