Barber Shop Boycott

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Date(s) of occurrence: 5 December 1947 - 14 January 1948

Origins: The SRC voted unanimously to boycott the barbers of downtown Fredericton that showed racial discrimination in any form.

Account of events: As reported in The Brunswickan, two UNB students were denied service at several barber shops in Fredericton because of their race. After meeting several days later, the S.R.C. passed a motion: to boycott the offending barbers, to send a formal letter of protest to the City Chamber of Commerce, to authorize an extra edition of The Brunswickan to publicize the controversy, and to share the story with local media outlets to spread awareness of the issue. Over 500 students signed the protest letter in a matter of days.

The boycott lasted just over a month before it was lifted by the S.R.C., having deemed to have served its purpose.



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