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Previous names: Division of Administration; Division of Social Science and Administration

Unidentified male climbing steps inside Oland Hall wearing a UNB jacket Record group/Fonds PR; Series 2; Sub-series 1; File 135; Item 1 October 1989

Established: 1973 (faculty est. 1993)


Business Administration was first offered at UNBSJ in the year 1966 under the UNB Fredericton Department of Business. The program consisted of five first year courses plus a mandatory Arts or Science elective. Classes and offices were held at Beaverbrook House until 1969 when the students and faculty moved to the newly constructed Tucker Park campus. In 1970, second year Business Administration had also been added to the Business Administration program at UNBSJ and just two years later a four-year Business Administration program was progressively introduced. Funds for this addition were provided through a budget increase from the Board. By September 1973, upon a recommendation from the Senate, a full Bachelor of Business Administration was offered at UNBSJ.

The program continued to develop throughout the 1970s. Between 1966 and 1975, the number of courses offered in Business Administration had risen from five to forty-two, and by the dawn of the 1980s the number had risen to fifty-seven. In the year 1974 the Bachelor of Business Administration degree was placed under the UNBSJ Division of Social Science and Administration and then was separated into the Division of Administration in 1976 upon approval from the Senate. This administrative structure remained until 1993 when the UNBSJ Faculty of Business was created. By this time, the Faculty was heading into its second year in the newly constructed Philip W. Oland Hall.

Upon the creation of the Faculty of Business, the Bachelor of Business Administration was expanded to include the Basic Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, the Co-op option, the BBA with a Major in Economics, and the BBA with a Major in French. In 1996, Majors in Human Resource Management and Accounting were offered, followed closely by a Major in Electronic Commerce in 1997. In 1984, certificates had become available within the Bachelor of Business Administration and by the year 2000 the certificates offered included two levels of Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Electronic Commerce, and Accounting. In 2003, two more certificates in Financial Markets and Economics were added. Beginning in 2009, the BBA with a Major in Tourism Management was also offered.

Physical location: Philip W. Oland Hall

Faculty: Faculty of Business

Notes: Established date is based on the date that the separate UNBSJ department was officially stated in the calendar, and in the commencement year of the UNBSJ Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering.


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