Anthony R Pugh

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Name: Anthony R Pugh

Nicknames/Other names:


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (1953) - Cambridge University, Pembroke College
  • Master of Arts - Cambrige University
  • PhD (1958) - Cambridge University

Dates Employed: 1968 - 19??

Faculty: Arts

Department: Romance Languages 

Position(s) held: Most recent - Least 

  • Professor of Romance Languages, French (1968 - 19??)


Member of the Royal Society of Canada

  • Leading scholar on the major literary works of Balzac, Pascal and Proust. 

Notes: Received the honour of Foundation Scholar of the College, during Bachelor of Arts. 


  • The Royal Society of Canada, Vol. II, No. XIX, November 1985, p. 13-15. 
  • UA Case 77

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