Annual Black History Month Lecture

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Year Name of Lecturer Title of Lecture
2017 Mary McCarthy “Shades: A black Woman’s Narrative of Death and Segregation in New Brunswick”
2018 Afua Cooper “Slavery and the Construction of Black People as Property: The Legacy”
2019 Funke Aladejebi “Blackness at the Intersections: Examining History and Black Identity in 20th Century Canada”
2020 Barrington Walker “The Honourable Leonard Braithwaite: Black Canadians and Civic Belonging in Postwar Ontario”
2021 Melanie J. Newton “'This Island’s Mine by Sycorax my mother’: Afro-Indigeneity, Gender and Survival in the Lesser Antilles”
2022 Dierdre Cooper “Why Black History Matters in American Medicine”


  • UA Case 229.

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