Aitken Animals Food Fight

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Date(s) of occurrence: January 1977

Account of events: Between thirty to forty residents of Aitken House were involved in an hour-long food fight in the Lady Dunn Hall dining room early in January of 1977. Reportedly, "a girl dumped a glass of milk over a guy's head," instigating the affair, which quickly escalated into messy chaos. The building was damaged during the affair, as several windows were broken in the front door area.

Later in the month, the Inter Residence Disciplinary Committee held a trial. Two witnesses testified on behalf of Lady Dunn Hall implicating the Aitken House residents in the affair. Representatives of the Aitken House denied responsibility for the affair, claiming that they were not responsible for initiating the fight - nor could the entire residence be blamed for the actions of some, as less than half of their ranks were present in the dining room during the fight. Aitken House was fined three hundred and fifty dollars under article four, section one of the IRDC constitution. They were charged with misconduct, foul language, and the abuse of university property.


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