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Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1969 - 1975

History: In 1969 Maliseet parents on the Kinsclear Reserve began writing letters to UNB requesting help with their children's homework difficulties. Thirty students responded to this initial request, calling themselves Action Corps.

In the group's second year they began volunteer tutoring inmates at the New Brunswick Central Reformatory. Volunteers tutored inmates who were already in the process of upgrading their education and provided them with information regarding further education prospects.

In 1971 the group offered similar volunteer services to the county jail. Here they provided career counselling for those inmates who would soon need to seek employment outside of the facility. The group offered information on job hunting, the application process, and resume writing, as well as information on potential educational opportunities.

In 1972 Action Corps organized a Winter Carnival at the Reformatory. Nearly all inmates participated, and a good time was had by all. This population-wide participation made the staff at the Reformatory nervous, fearing that this level of internal organization could contribute to a widespread uprising. Action Corps was asked to refrain from their activities at the Reformatory for some time before being invited to return to the program.

Activities: Volunteer students from UNB, STU, and the Teacher's College participated in the tutoring program, meeting at the Student Union Building on campus and driving to Kingsclear in the evenings to tutor pupils from grades two to six in mathematics, French, spelling, reading, and social studies. The tutoring program was later extended to St. Mary's Reserve, the county jail, and the New Brunswick Central Reformatory.

Note(s): Action Corps was modeled after a program of the same name at the University of Maine. The UNB chapter of Action Corps began in conjunction with the Indian non-Indian Good-will Association, requesting the volunteer services of students on campus to serve as tutors.


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