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Name: YWCA

Previous/other names: Young Women's Christian Association

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1899 -

History: When UNB first organized a YWCA branch in 1899, there were fifteen female students attending the university; ten of those students participated in the organization.

Because a major goal of the organization was to phase out the practice of "hazing" at universities, this was the first year at UNB that female frosh were greeted with a welcome reception, rather than undergoing initiation.

'Activities': The group held Bible classes, monthly missionary meetings, guest lectures, Freshmen welcoming receptions, Seniors' farewell meetings, and joint meetings with the YMCA.

Note(s): In 1907 the group sent a college exibit to the World YWCA convention in Tokyo, Japan. They received a card from the Secretary of the YWCA of Canada stating that theirs was the best of all exhibits sent by Canadian colleges.


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