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| 1983-86
| 1983-86
| David Adams Richards
| [[David_Adams_Richards|David Adams Richards]]
| 1985 (September - December)
| 1985 (September - December)

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The Writer-in-Residence program began in 1965 due to the efforts of Desmond Pacey, head of the English Department at UNB at the time. Funding from the Canada Council helped to create the first position of it's kind in a Canadian university. The term of the appointment varies from a few months to several years, the notable exception being Alden Nowlan, who remained as Writer-in-Residence for fifteen years. Writers-in-Residence have an office in the Department of English where they meet with students and community members to provide feedback and advice on their creative writing. They also give public readings and are generally involved with the literary community.

As of 1 September 2008, UNB Saint John established the Lorenzo Writer-in-Residence program, made possible by the support of UNB president John McLaughlin. This writer-in-residence program operates on a three year term.

Year(s) Name
1965-66 Norman Levine*
1966-67 Dorothy Livesay
1968-83 Alden Nowlan
1972-73 John Metcalf
1983-86 David Adams Richards
1985 (September - December) John Hearne^
1987-88 Douglas Glover
1988-89 Helen Weinzweig
1989-90 Nancy Bauer
1990-92 Bill Gaston
1992-93 Don Hannah
1993-94 Karen Connelly
1994 (September-December) Elisabeth Harvor
1995-96 Anne Michaels
1996-97 Kenneth J. Harvey
1997 (September-December) Carol Malyon
1998 (January-April) Bill Bissett
1998-99 Richard Sanger
1999-00 Colleen Wagner
2000-01 George [Douglas] Fetherling
2001-02 John Steffler
2002-03 Anne Simpson
2003-05 Ken McGoogan
2004-05 Erin Mouré
2005-06 Catherine Bush
2006-07 Karen Solie
2007-08 Patricia Young
2008-09 Gerard Beirne
2009-10 Fred Stenson
2010-11 John Barton
2011-12 Sue Sinclair
2012-13 Joan Clark
2013-14 Douglas Glover
2014-15 Jeramy Dodds
  • First appointment of its kind at any Canadian university.
  • Although funded by an outside source and not by the Department of English, Hearne did hold the title of Writer-in-Residence


  • UA Case 191

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