UNB Governance and Administrative Positions

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The following lists include the names of past incumbents of UNB administrative positions. Changes to the UNB Act in 1952 and in 1961 led to changes in the title of some positions.

Title Name Year
Bursar Joe Sears 1945-1950
Bursar Chester Mahan 1951-1961
Business Manager Bev Macaulay 1951-1958
Comptroller Chester Mahan 1961-1974
Comptroller Sam Mullin 1974-1975
Comptroller John O'Brien ?
Assistant Comptroller Donald Sedgewick 1961-1964
Assistant Comptroller D.S. Burnley 1974-1975
Assistant Comptroller Sam Mullin (budget office) 1965-1974
Assistant Comptroller Larry Guitard ?
Vice-President (Administration)(est. 1961) Bev Macaulay 1961-1974
Vice-President (Administration) Jim O'Sullivan (previously head of MPHED) 1974-1975
Assistant Vice-President (Administration) Eric Garland 1974-1975
Vice-President (Academic)(est. 1961) F.J. Toole 1961-1964
Vice-President (Academic) A.G. Bailey 1965-1969
Vice-President (Academic) W.C.D. Pacey 1970, 1973-1975
Vice-President (Academic) L. Jaeger (acting) 1972-1973
Vice-President (Academic) M. Franklin 1975-1977
Vice-President (Academic) R. Kavanagh ?
Vice-President (Academic) R.E. Burridge ?
Vice-President (Academic) T. Traves ?
Vice-President (Academic) J.D. McLaughlin ?
Vice-President (Research) ? ?
Vice-President (Campus Services and Planning) ? ?
Dean of the School of Graduate Studies F.J. Toole ?
Dean of the School of Graduate Studies W.C.F. Pacey 1963-1968
Dean of the School of Graduate Studies R. Kavanagh 1969 (associate dean); 1970 (acting dean); 1972-1976
Dean of the School of Graduate Studies D. Rowan 1976-1977(acting)