Katherine E. MacLaggan

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Nicknames/Other names:


-Royal Victoria School of Nursing (1943)

-McGill University (diploma in public health nursing- 1948)

-Columbia University (master of arts degree- 1957; doctor of education- 1965)

Dates Employed: 1958- 1967

Faculty: Nursing


Position(s) held: 

-Director of School of Nursing 

-Professor of Nursing


Katherine MacLaggan was active in reforming nursing and nurses' education in New Brunswick. She played a critical part in procurring the Kellogg Grant to establish the School of Nursing at UNB, and became the School's first Director of Nursing in 1958. She also taught in the faculty in following years. MacLaggan was President of the Canadian Nurses' Association; she was active on the boards of the Victorian Order of Nurses, Children's Aid Society, Mental Health Association, and the Public Health Association. She was also on the board of the Canadian Nurse Journal, Chair of Nursing Education, Nursing Affairs, and Vice-President and President of CNA. She was also a principle figure in the creation of the Canadian Nurse's Foundation. 

Notes: Passed away from cancer on February 4th, 1967 at age 48.

Sources: UA Case 77