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The Douglas Gold Medal was founded by Sir Howard Douglas, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick and first Chancellor of King's College. Valued at forty dollars, the medal was offered for competition every year among undergraduates for the best English essay on some subject proposed at the preceding Encaenia. It was first awarded in 1833.

After 1960 the topic was no longer assigned and the medal was given for the best English essay written as part of the requirements of any course in the university. In 1974 the criteria changed to allow the medal to be awarded for the best composition in prose or verse, in Greek, Latin or English, on any subject within the regular course of study pursued in the university. Undergraduate theses and reports were eligible, as were essays or verse compositions produced as part of regular class work. Compositions were submitted by instructors, with the consent of the student.

Year Name Student of Title Held at UNB Archives
1833 R. Duvernet Kings College   No
1834 Not awarded     No
1835 George Lee Kings College   No
1836 Not awarded     No
1837 W. H. Shore Kings College   No
1838 Not awarded     No
1839 Not awarded     No
1840 J. S. Millidge Kings College   No
1841 Not awarded     No
1842 E. J. Jacob Kings College   No
1843 Not awarded     No
1844 W. Q. Ketchum Kings College   No
1845 C. G. Coster

J. McGivern

Kings College   No


1846 E. B. Fisher Kings College   No
1847 Not awarded     No
1848 Not awarded     No
1849 W. P. Dole Kings College   No
1850 Hurd Peters Kings College   No
1851 G. G. Roberts Kings College   No
1852 T. A. Gregory Kings College   No
1853 Not awarded     No
1854 G. S. Smith Kings College   No
1855 Not awarded     No
1856 E. R. Burpee Kings College   No
1857 J. F. Stevenson Kings College   No
1858 F. A. Morrison Kings College   No
1859 H. L. Sturdee Kings College   No
1860 W. C. Lee UNB Fredericton   No
1861 A. W. Smith UNB Fredericton   No
1862 J. P. Sheraton UNB Fredericton   No
1863 L. C. Allison UNB Fredericton   No
1864 J. D. Phinney UNB Fredericton   No
1865 G. R. Parkin UNB Fredericton   No
1866 G. E. Foster UNB Fredericton   No
1867 P. C. Keegan UNB Fredericton   No
1868 S. Russell UNB Fredericton "The Electric Telegraph considered in its moral, social, and political aspects" No
1869 W. S. MacFarlane UNB Fredericton "The influence of the Higher Institutions of Learning on Commerce and Civilization" No
1870 G. C. Coster UNB Fredericton "The relation of the Physical Sciences to Manufacturers and Commerce" No
1871 L. C. Wortman UNB Fredericton   No
1872 W. Wilson UNB Fredericton "Natural History - its value in the educational point of view" No
1873 W. G. Gaunce UNB Fredericton   No
1874 S. J. Jenkins UNB Fredericton "The value of Liberal Education to the Man of Business" No
1875 J. F. Burditt UNB Fredericton "The influence of Religious truth on National Charter" No
1876 T. C. Jack UNB Fredericton "The relative merits of old and new countries as fields for enterprise No
1877 W. E. MacIntire UNB Fredericton "The natural resource so the Dominion in Canada" No
1878 J. R. Mace UNB Fredericton   No
1879 W. D. McLeod UNB Fredericton   No
1880 A. W. Wilkinson UNB Fredericton   No
1881 W. S. Carter UNB Fredericton "The Greatness and Decline of Venice" No
1882 W. J. Fowler UNB Fredericton "The effect of the discoveries of the 19th century upon the comforts and conveniences of Life" No
1883 W. T. Raymond UNB Fredericton "What is culture? And how is it best attained?" Extract
1884 J. M. Lemont UNB Fredericton "The Great North West, its past and future" Extract
1885 W. J. S. Myles UNB Fredericton "The Mental rather than the Material resources of Canada" No
1886 W. Murchie UNB Fredericton "The Duties of the Civilized Man to the Uncivilized Man whose country He Invades" Extract
1887 J. B. Sutherland UNB Fredericton "The Relation between Labor and Capital" Extract
1888 C. J. Milligan UNB Fredericton "The Relation of American Literature to Democracy" Extract
1889 F. L. Christie UNB Fredericton   No
1890 D. L. Mitchell UNB Fredericton "Applications of Edmund Burke's principles to religious, political, and social affairs at the present time" Extract
1891 F. P. Yorston UNB Fredericton "Emerson's Life and Works" Extract
1892 Ellen F. P. Peake UNB Fredericton "Colonial Empires of the past, and their lessons to those of the present" Extract
1893 Isabel S. McIntosh UNB Fredericton "The Social Effects of the Scientific Inventions of the Nineteenth century" Extract
1894 Loretta L. Shaw UNB Fredericton "The Characteristics of Modern Fiction" No
1895 Horace L. Brittain UNB Fredericton "The Dangers and Safeguards of Modern Democratic Government" No
1896 Samuel H. McKee UNB Fredericton "The Relations of Science to the State" Extract
1897 Arthur H. Shea UNB Fredericton "English Diary and Letter Writers" No
1898 Frank J. Bayfield UNB Fredericton "The Actual and the ideal Political Life" Extract
1899 W. J. R. Wilson UNB Fredericton "The Aims and Methods of Modern Science" No
1900 W. H. Harrison UNB Fredericton "The literary position of Germany Among the Nations" No
1901 W. O. Raymond UNB Fredericton "The centennial celebration of the university at Fredericton" Yes
1902 Chester B. Martin UNB Fredericton "The natural resources of New Brunswick" Yes
1903 Ina F. Mersereau UNB Fredericton "England under Alfred the Great and under Edward the Seventh" Extract
1904 Martha A. Osborne UNB Fredericton "The development of the Canadian Northwest, a retrospect and a forecast" No
1905 Theodore R. McNally UNB Fredericton "Science in war" *
1906 Not awarded   Assigned topic: English essayists of the early 19th century No
1907 Clara M. Robinson UNB Fredericton "The history and problems of Canadian immigration" No
1908 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The factors in the growth of the Maritime Provinces No
1909 Beatrice W. Welling UNB Fredericton "The contributions of women to English literature" No
1910 George N. Belyea UNB Fredericton "The transportation problem in Canada: its bearing on the future development of the country" No
1911 Harold C. Belyea UNB Fredericton "The most expeditious and scientific way of surveying, classifying and registering the public lands of New Brunswick and the best means to be adopted for their protection and preservation" *
1912 Earle R. MacNutt UNB Fredericton "British essayists" *
1913 George B. Carpenter UNB Fredericton "The development and value of the commission as a means of the state's regulation of trade and industry" No
1914 Emerson C. Rice UNB Fredericton "The underdeveloped resources of New Brunswick" No
1915 George J. Marr UNB Fredericton "Canadian national ideals" *
1916 Adrian B. Gilbert UNB Fredericton "The economic aspects of the prohibition of liquor traffic" *
1917 D. Gordon Willet UNB Fredericton "The geology and mineral deposits of New Brunswick" *
1918 John F. McIntosh UNB Fredericton "The Supernatural in Shakespeare's plays" *
1919 Frances Mary VanWart UNB Fredericton "A permanent agricultural policy for Canada" *
1920 C. L. Armstrong UNB Fredericton "The preservation of wild bird life - its economic, aesthetic and humane aspects" *
1921 Edith M. Jones UNB Fredericton "The development of The English novel" *
1922 Russell R. Sheldrick UNB Fredericton "The effect of confederation on the economic and political development of New Brunswick" *
1923 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The influence of of wild life reservations and national parks on a nation's life No
1924 Mary B. Jones UNB Fredericton "The value of Wordsworth to the present generation" No
1925 Not awarded   Assigned topic: An immigration policy for Canada No
1926 Edwin A. Stuart UNB Fredericton "The University's place in a biological survey of the province" *
1927 Robert J. Love UNB Fredericton "The effect of confederation on the Maritime Provinces" *
1928 Burton S. Keirstead UNB Fredericton "The resources and economic possibilities of the Maritime Provinces" Yes
1929 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The economic and aesthetic importance of animal and bird reservations No
1930 Horace A. Hanson UNB Fredericton "The political evolution of Canada as a self-governing member of the British Commonwealth of Nations" No
1931 Muriel M. Miller UNB Fredericton "The poetry of Bliss Carman" *
1932 J. Ernest Anderson UNB Fredericton "A survey of the geological deposits of organic origin in the province of New Brunswick *
1933 Not awarded   Assigned topic: A study in the indebtedness of the Canadian Provinces *
1934 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The poetry of Charles G. D. Roberts No
1935 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The University of New Brunswick No
1936 Jack H. Thurrot UNB Fredericton "What health education should the public schools provide?" *
1937 Not awarded   Assigned topic: Euripides: the link between primitive and present day drama *
1938 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The responsibility of science to society *
1939 Not awarded   Assigned topic: A study of provincial and local taxation and administration of public welfare functions No
1940 James C. Morrow UNB Fredericton "The genesis and development of the Arthurian Legends" Yes
1941 Roy Morrow UNB Fredericton "The importance of research as an aid to the shore and deep sea fisheries of the Maritime provinces" Yes
1942 Manzer L. Bunker UNB Fredericton "Forests - their role in post-war readjustments" Yes
1943 Frances A. Firth UNB Fredericton Assigned topic: The importance of the study of modern languages No*
1944 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The importance of the social sciences in war time No
1945 Elizabeth Brewster UNB Fredericton "The conflict of the state and individual in the ancient world" No
1946 Dennis A. Benson UNB Fredericton "The social responsibility of science" Yes
1947 James M. Wheatley UNB Fredericton "A new curriculum for UNB" Yes
1948 Frederick Cogswell UNB Fredericton "Literature and society" Yes
1949 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The achievements and prospects of the United Nations No
1950 Frederick C. Allen UNB Fredericton "The case for and against the Chignecto Canal" Yes
1951 Robert J. Gibbs UNB Fredericton "T. S. Eliot as playwright" Yes
1952 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The importance of graduate research in Canadian universities No
1953 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The race question and the contemporary political crisis in South Africa No
1954 Ian Watson UNB Fredericton "The race questions and the contemporary political crisis in South Africa" ^ Yes
1955 J. Neil Mulvaney UNB Fredericton "The problem of good and evil in Goethe's Faust" Yes
1956 Robert E. Hawkes UNB Fredericton "The Irish theatre movement and its social and political background" Yes
1957 Not awarded   Assigned topic: The Canadian Arctic, past, present and future No
1958 Not awarded   Assigned topic: A study of recent literary utopias No
1959 Not awarded   Assigned topic: A study of recent literary utopias No
1960 Janice I. Bartlett UNB Fredericton "The Classical Laws of Motion" No
1961 Brigid E. Toole UNB Fredericton "Michelangelo" No
1962 Margaret J. Gammon UNB Fredericton "A study of Milton's Comus" Yes
1963 E. Joanne Rowley UNB Fredericton "Fate in the novels of Thomas Hardy" Yes
1964 Colin K. Scott UNB Fredericton   No
1965 Not awarded     No
1966 Lynda A. Muir

Craig C. McLeod

Unknown "The function of Landschaft in Buckner's Lenz"

"The poet and his pose: an essay on Auden's thought and his poetic roles in In Time of War"



1967 Marion L. Cox Beyea UNB Fredericton "The incorporation of Saint John" Yes
1968 Patricia E. Pacey UNB Fredericton "Patterns of imagery and their significance in The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises" Yes
1969 Not awarded     No
1970 Carolyn E. Keirstead Unknown "Archaelogical field methods for shell-midden excavations" No
1971 Bruce R. Bartlett Unknown "The origins and character of Nazi racial ideology" Yes
1972 Brian E. Williams Unknown "Tanzania: decision-making in an African economy" Yes
1973 Diana L. Austin Unknown "Social vision as the source of poetic vision int eh poetry of F. R. Scott" Yes
1974 J. Randall Francis Unknown "Goodbye to all that God willing! A study of the end of idealism in British war literature, 1914-1933" Yes
1975 Eileen S. Martin UNB Fredericton "The theme of nature in early American literature" Yes
1976 Linda M. Kelly Unknown "A character study of Chaucer's Criseyde" Yes
1977 Linda C. Law Unknown "Theme and language in Arnold's Marguerite poems" Yes
1978 Carol A. Ferguson UNB Fredericton "The Spanish Civil War Research Unit" Yes
1979 Barbara L. Hughes UNB Fredericton "A study of W. H. Auden's Horae Canonicae" Yes
1980 Sandi London Guptill UNB Fredericton "Narrative voice in Robertson Davies' novels" Yes
1981 M. Sharon Carr UNB Fredericton "Nostromo: for those who think Jung" Yes
1982 Lorna M. Brown Unknown "Justice and mercy in Measure for Measure" Yes
1983 Judith Stanley UNB Saint John "The nature of man and the issues arising from the prospects for human cloning" Yes
1984 Mary C. McDevitt UNB Saint John "The American Revolution: its consequences for women" Yes
1985 Wanda R. McNally Unknown "Juliana of Norwich: her life and legacy" Yes
1986 Katherine A. Ratliffe UNB Fredericton "Bishop Blougram's Apology: the problem of judgement" Yes
1987 Roderick F. Cater UNB Fredericton "The case against Copernicus" Yes
1988 Janice M. Cook Unknown "Robbing the cradle: child labour in New Brunswick 1784-1905 and the movement toward child labour legislation" Yes
1989 Pamela J. Graham Unknown "Cruel destiny, a reconciliation of elements in King Lear" Yes
1990 Stephanie A. Rhynold Unknown "It am I, pander" Yes
1991 Not awarded     No
1992 Dawn Bourque Unknown "Alienation and rectification in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis" Yes
1993 Iain MacPherson UNB Fredericton "Physicality in Elliot Merrick's True North and Dillon Wallace's The Lure of the Labrador Wild" Yes
1994 Audrey Marie Cormier Unknown "The Consequences of the Enlightenment: Poor Relief" Yes
1995 Edward C. Hamilton Unknown The Conceptual Canoeist" Yes
1996 Luke E. Peterson UNB Fredericton "Madison, Madison and Jefferson and Inalienable Human Rights Yes
1997 Marie-Andree Somers UNB Fredericton "Existentialists Condemned all Theories Which Insist that Human Beings Have a Fixed Essence or Nature as Cowardly Denials of Moral Responsibility" Yes
1998 Holly Arnold UNB Fredericton "Conserving Biodiversity in a Fragmented Forest: the Science and Rationale of Wildlife Corridors" Yes
1999 Bill MacGillivray UNB Fredericton "Baseball as Life: the Henry Wiggen Novels of Mark Harris" Yes
2000 Alexandra Leah Clarke UNB Fredericton "Mysticism in E.M. Forster's A Passage to India: Did Mrs. Moor Experience a Hindu Insight in the Marabar Caves?" Yes
2001 Robin Bolivar UNB Fredericton "The Madhouse Divorce" Yes
2002 Katia Annique Grubisic UNB Fredericton "'It was a fairy, and come from Elf-land:' Elements of Fairy Tales in Jane Eyre" Yes
2003 Megan Woodworth UNB Fredericton "Luther's Lament, or "Why is nothing ever simple?" Yes
2004 Sarah Nason UNB Fredericton "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Victorian Sex (But the Silly Novelists were Afraid to Tell)" Yes
2005 Bjorn Langerlof Unknown "The Lost Generation - La Grande Guerre and its Irreversible effects on the French Peasantry" Yes
2006 Tracey Lynn Bradley Unknown "Temporal Changes in the Pattern of Fledging by Atlantic Puffin Fratercula Arctica Chicks" Yes
2007 Stephanie Yorke UNB Fredericton "Place, Desire, and Ila in Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines" Yes
2008 Alan Lensink UNB Fredericton "Obeah and the Process of Africa-Oriented Acculturation in the British West Indies from 1650-1800" Yes
2009 Anne Elizabeth Thornton Unknown "The Art of 'Mexicanidad': Visual Evolution and Revolution" No
2010 David Philip Bryden Unknown "The Charter and Rights Consciousness" No
2011 Kelly Rebecca Flinn UNB Fredericton "The Art of Global Resistance; Alternative Social Visions in Counter-Hegemony" No
2012 Travis Patrick Wysote Unknown "The Lubicon Quest for Self-Determination: Shattering the Display Case on 'The Spirit Sings'" Yes
2013 Francis Rene Losier Bischoff UNB Fredericton "Topological Insight into the Patterns of Quantum Energy Levels of the EF State of Molecular Hydrogen" No
2014 Rebecca Danielle Stieva UNB Fredericton "Childbirth, Socio-sexual Deviance, and Racial Hierarchy: A Comparison of European, Native, and African Childbirth Practices in the Early Modern Era" No
2015 Joseph Cameron Burton UNB Fredericton "The Religious-Political Complex: the New American Right and a Politics of Fear" No
2016 Bronwyn Briden UNB Fredericton "Pragmatism in an Age of Conflict" No
2017 Kyle John Lefort UNB Saint John "Changes in Atlantic PUffin Fratercula Arctica Egg Volume in Eastern Canada" No
2018 Mary Bethany Langmaid UNB Fredericton "Truth, Lies, and 'False News': the (De)construction of History in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale" No
2019 [Not Awarded?]
2020 Tabatha Cormier UNB Saint John No
2021 Kathleen Elspeth Peacock UNB Fredericton No
  • This indicates that within the UA Essay Cases there are anonymous essays of the same title which may or may not be prize winners

University records indicate that the medal was not awarded in 1943, however local newspapers of the day published articles naming F.A. Firth as the recipient. ^Title of winning essay is different from assigned topic


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