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The Bliss Carman Memorial Prize is awarded to the undergraduate student who submits the best group of six poems of not more than forty lines each. No student may win the prize more than twice. The prize was first awarded in 1943.

Year Name Student of
Held at UNB Archives
1943 Elizabeth Brewster UNB Fredericton
Unknown No
1944 Elizabeth Brewster UNB Fredericton
"In the Night"; "Storm After Heat"; "The Dreamer"; "The Ghosts"; "Eyes"; "Untitled" Yes
1945 C. John St. C. Jeans UNB Fredericton
"Ode to Peace"; "Though Seas Divide"; "In Homage To A Fair One"; "The Albatross (A Dream)"; "Sonnet Sequence: On Equality"; "Relax Not Vigilance" Yes
1946 Donald Gammon & A. Robert Rogers UNB Fredericton
Unknown No
1947 Frederick Cogswell UNB Fredericton
Unknown No
1948 Frederick Cogswell UNB Fredericton
"Incident"; "Speech"; Untitled; "Art"; "The Dark World"; "Lost Dimension" Yes
1949 Vernon Acker UNB Fredericton
All untitled Yes
1950 Robert Gibbs (co-winner) UNB Fredericton

Group 1: "Saint John, Charlotte Street"; "Saint John, Street Portraits"; "Ferry at Midnight"; "Resurrection"; "Contemporary Poets"; "War-Child"
Group 2: "Music Festival"; "Rain Dance"; "Poem"; "Regeneration"; "The Flusher"; "Fruit Store Window"

1950 Robert Richards (co-winner) UNB Fredericton

"Granny"; "Curds and Whey"; "The Orthodox"; "Eight O'Clock"; "Wading"

1951 George F. Whalen UNB Fredericton
"The pearl"; "Roadhouse waitress"; "Tone poem"; "Phonograph needle"; "Semi-cycle: The Seasons ('The last dandilion of summer'; 'A sumac poem')"; "Survival of the fittest" Yes
1952 J. Edward Cleland UNB Fredericton
Six Short Poems (or Experiments in Verse) 
"The Bliss Carman House"; "La Fille de la Nuit"; "In Autumn"; The Present Degeneration"; "The Runner"; "Introspect and Retrospect"
1953 Not awarded

1954 Robert E. Hawkes (co-winner) UNB Fredericton
"Willi"; "Night and the Web"; "coal fossil"; "Grand Lake Mining"; "Jealousy"; "Processing" (Under pseudonym Earnest Paisley) Yes
1954 Donald Stephens (co-winner)
UNB Fredericton
"The Bee Cell"; "Progression"; "To A Farmer"; "Poem"; "Shadows Under A Bridge"; "To Spring" Yes
1955 Robert E. Hawkes UNB Fredericton
"Through A Glass Darkly"; "Aeneas and Dido"; "Merci Beaucoup's Lament"; "Road-Map Journeys"; "Wet Cotton Cross in Shadowland"; "'Our golden dream! What a stinking mess we've made of it.': Rubashov from Darkness at Noon" Yes
1956 Not awarded

1957 John C. Stockdale UNB Fredericton
"Tragic"; "Skulls"; "Torture"; "Last Night A Spirit"; "A Girl Passing"; "Storm By Fundy" Yes
1958 John C. Stockdale (co-winner) UNB Fredericton
"Love's Dichotomy"; "Truth"; "How Now Sir Walter"; "Green Bottle"; Untitled; "Decayed Gentility" Yes
1958 Nicholas Teller (co-winner)
UNB Fredericton
"Heather"; "Alien"; "Without End, Amen"; "Platter Matter"; "Fooled"; "Prayer" Yes
1959 Jo-Ann Helen Carr UNB Fredericton
"Winter"; "Church"; "Poem"; "Night - an impression"; "The Forest of Desolation"; "Questions" Yes
1960 Not awarded

1961 Mary Lord Bernard UNB Fredericton
"Fireworks"; "A Difference"; "Meeting"; "Meeting II"; "Experience"; "Winter" Yes
1962 Mary Lord Bernard UNB Fredericton
"A Woman"; "Davey"; "The Shock of Recognition: Eliof in Spring"; "Fluke"; "Non-Anticipation"; "Spring" (Under pseudonym "Clea" Yes
1963 Leroy Frank Johnson (honorable mention - Carole Lynn Jeffrey UNB Fredericton
Unknown No
1964 Robert Hood Cockburn (co-winner) UNB Fredericton
"Intermission"; "March Thought"; "The Shoulder-Glance"; "Reflection"; "You and I"; "First Love" Yes
1964 Bernita Helena Damery (co-winner)
UNB Fredericton
"As Every Old Man Must"; "Ombre"; "No Blade of Grass: to the Moderns"; "An April Witch"; "Cat"; "Subjectivity" (Under pseudonym "Rebatin") Yes
1965 Leroy Frank Johnson UNB Fredericton
"A Nightmare"; "Jazz On a Growing Theme"; "For Cheryl"; "And the Light is Darkness"; "The Claw That Clutches" (Under pseudonym "Epicurus") Yes
1966 Bernita Damery Harris Unknown "To My Beloved"; "Lute Song"; "Wan-Wood"; "Black Lace"; "Death"; "The Carpenter" (Under pseudonym "Cecy") Yes
1967 Wanda Irene Glass Unknown All untitled under pseudonym "Marion Frost" Yes
1968 Joseph Howard Sherman (honorable mention - Michael Brian Oliver) UNB Fredericton
"First and Last"; "Instant..."; "Unlike Some (For Those of the Season)"; "The Dead One"; "Introduction"; "Poem";   Yes
1969 Louis Joseph Cormier UNB Fredericton
"Time Out For Death"; "Discordia: L'Histoire d'un Peuple"; "Kings and Queens"; "The Silent Cowboys of the East"; "Night"; "The Fastest Runner on Moore Street"; Yes
1970 Louis Joseph Cormier (honorable mentions - Peter Pacey & Bernell M. MacDonald) UNB Fredericton
"Grandparents"; "Poem: To Make Love By"; "Rabbit"; "I'm Not So Strong"; "My Friend, the Radio"; "Early One Morning" Yes
1971 Peter Pacey UNB Fredericton
"Cows"; "Tea Cup."; "Choir Boy"; "No Small Comfort"; "Ourselves and Richibucto"; "My Ladies Sleeping"

Alan M. Annand

UNB Fredericton

"Ulysses Undefined"; "Ducks"; "Encounter"; "Your Gentle Hand"; "Sweet Apples"; "Closing"

1972 Brian Bartlett
UNB Fredericton
"Ararat: To Make Up For the Raven and the Dove"; "Falcon on a Dark Day"; "A Poem Aimed at a Balloon in the Middle of a Party"; "Lessons of the Grotesque"; "Like of the Fool"; "Last Poem" Yes
1973 Maria Elizabeth Machum Unknown "Haiku"; "Oogle # 38"; Untitled; Untitled; "Lullabye"; "To my professional-academician lover:"  Yes
1974 Not awarded

1975 Glen W. Murray UNB Fredericton
"Ma Bell's Revenge"; "Like Ships That Pass in the Etcetera"; "Alcoholic Living Room: Popular Relaxation Myth Explored"; "Lust-Desserts"; "The Good Citizin"; "Dream Raiders"   Yes
1976 Not awarded

1977 Not awarded

1978 Sally D. Harasym Unknown
1979 Andrew H. Bartlett Unknown
1980 Deborah Brent Unknown
1981 John Edward van Buren Unknown

"Animals Come Out of the Forest"; "All Things Were Delicious"; "A Brilliant Silver Machine Gun"; "It Was Really - Nothing"; "Small Pink Fish"; "Falling From the Rooftop"

1982 Wanda Ruth McNally UNB Fredericton
"Encounter"; "Day One at the University"; "The Ace on Saunders Street"; "Peniel"; "Vincent"; "Madame Matisse"; "Rose"  Yes
1983 Wanda Ruth McNally UNB Fredericton
"India"; "Casterling Stone Circle"; "Edinburgh"; "Four Haiku"; "Christmas Sonnet"; "Within Reach" (Under pseudonym "Ruth Avery") Yes
1984 Gregory Keith Betts Unknown Untitled; "Miss Narcissus"; "For Bessie Smith"; "6:30 Jazz"; "After the Reading"; Untitled Yes
1985 Steven Mark Henderson UNB Fredericton

"The Textile Auction";
Metamorphoses: "The Wishful Thinker"; "Narcissus and Ego"; "The Misunderstanding of Thisbe and Pyramus"; "Orpheus, on Drowning, is Afraid to Swim Again";
"The Picture" 

1986 Steven Mark Henderson UNB Fredericton
"The Mountain"; "The Lunatic"; "Hidden Blades"; "A sense of humour"; "Mowing"; "The Tidal Pool" Yes
1987 Karen Jean Braun UNB Fredericton
"Talking Over Literature"; "On English Bay"; "In The Common Room"; "Song But No Dance"
1988 Wayne Egers UNB Fredericton

"Some Small Thing"; "Around White"; "Blue"; "The Squirrel"; "Risking"; "Whispy Wind"

1989 Pamela Jeanne Fulton Unknown "May Your Life Be Like the January Sun"; "Lament"; "Odell Park"; "Catching Snowflakes"; "From Cornets for the Eleventh Hour"; "Sometime";  Yes
1990 Diane A. Reid UNB Fredericton
"Quitch Grass"; "Daughter"; "Photo On Bedside Table"; "Rebirth"; "Close of the Season at Jasper Park Lodge"; "Trail to Annapurna" Yes
1991 Pamela Jeanne Fulton Unknown "Molly"; "and many, many more or the same"; "On the Night Wind"; "The Blueberry Fields of May"; "100% Retention"; "Wakening" Yes
1992 Diane A. Reid UNB Fredericton
"Ave Soarus"; "Summer Preserves"; "Photo on Bedside Table"; "This Page"; "Flicker"; "Breaking Out" Yes
1993 Anne Ryan UNB Saint John "Senryu"; "Tanka"; "Plane Over Car"; "Toy Found in Garden"; "Three Poems for the Vietnam Memorial"; "New Bridge (haibun)"; "Volkswagon Convertible"
1994 Dorothy McFarlane UNB Fredericton
"Rocking Chair Treatment"; "Writing (with apoligies to Ogden Nosh)"; "Is it here yet?"; "Moving"; "Outside the Room Where Life and Death Meet"; "The Maples"  Yes
1995 Heather Delong Unknown "A Wedding Photo Cannot Capture"; "steps"; "365 Brunswick"; untitled; "Without Waking"  Yes
1996 Jennifer Savage UNB Fredericton
"Untitled"; "A Man Whose Lover Died"; "Upon Looking at the AIDS Memorial Quilt"; "H."; "Untitled" Yes
1997 David F. King Unknown "Expensive Care"; "Sarajevo Airport"; "Road Kill"; "Spring"; "The Raj of Bahrain"; "A Caper's Haiku" Yes
1998 James MacGregor Unknown
1999 Erin Bidlake Unknown
2000 Ian LeTourneau Unknown "Wild Flowers (1): Physostegia Virginiana"; "Wild Flowers (2): Lilium Tigrinum"; "Wild Flowers (3): Euphobia Marginata"; "The Sun Also Rises"; "A Wintry Landscape"; "Poetic Justice"  Yes
2001 Vanessa Moeller UNB Fredericton

2002 Nicholas Charles Good Unknown
2003 James Earl Johnson Unknown
2004 Jonathan A. McFarlane Unknown
2005 Stephanie Joan Yorke UNB Fredericton

2006 Stephanie Joan Yorke UNB Fredericton

2007 Susan Angela Brodie UNB Fredericton

2008 Ryan Charles Marshall Unknown
2009 Sarah Watson Unknown
2010 Colleen Goguen UNB Fredericton

2011 Michael Jessome UNB Fredericton

2012 Linnea Eleanor Fetter UNB Fredericton

2013 Stephanie Allison Zapata UNB Fredericton



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