Alden Nowlan 20th Anniversary

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Name of Memorial/Commemoration: Alden Nowlan Commemorative Plaque

Other Names:

Location: Edwin Jacob Chapel, Old Arts Building

Date Unveiled: Fall 1988

Artist/Creator: Marjory Donaldson

Named for: Alden Nowlan, UNB's writer-in-residence from 1968-1983

Event/Occasion/Significance: Marked the 20th anniversary of the appointment of Alden Nowlan as writer-in-residence at UNB.

Plaque Inscription/Text Associated:

Notes: The commemorative plaque was unveiled by Claudine Nowlan, wife of Alden Nowlan and their son John.


  • UNB Perspectives, Vol. 15, No. 4 (December 1988): 6.

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