Football Song (1881)

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It's little we care for the bruises found, Upon the hard and stony ground, For while we're living, we still are bound To follow that bully football.

Chorus-- Oh, we'll kick her over, or rip the cover, God help the poor fellows that fall; They must take their show for a bruise or so, Who follow the bully football.

The kickers are all in their rival rows, With scarlet caps and scarlet hose; The word is given, and off she goes, And up with the bully football.


And now, as the opening line deploys, In silence kick, and hold your noise; And whenever a fist can reach her, boys, Then hammer that bully football.


And when the last over, the twenty gain, We quickly bury all the slain; And to-morrow the living are ready again, To follow that bully football.



  • Carmina Universitatis Novi Brunsvici. Fredericton, NB: Literary and Debating Society of the University of New Brunswick, 1881.

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