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<p><span class="fck_mw_template">{{StudentManual}}</span>
</p><p>Anyone using the <i>History at a Glance</i> wiki will be considered a <b>user</b>.
</p><p><br />
Anyone using the ''History at a Glance'' wiki will be considered a '''user'''.
</p><p><a href="User%3AMarkmcumber">MarkMcCumber</a> (<a href="User%20talk%3AMarkmcumber">talk</a>) 3 July 2014 (ADT)<br />
</p><span _fcknotitle="true" class="fck_mw_category" sort="Mark's_Contributions">Mark's Contributions</span><br /><span class="fck_mw_category">Manual Pages</span>
<br/>--[[User:Markmcumber|MarkMcCumber]] ([[User talk:Markmcumber|talk]]) 11:43, 9 July 2014 (ADT)
[[Category:Mark's Contributions]]<br/>[[Category:Manual Pages]]

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Anyone using the History at a Glance wiki will be considered a user.

--MarkMcCumber (talk) 11:43, 9 July 2014 (ADT)