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[[Category:Student Clubs and Societies|U.R.P.]]<br/>[[Category:Creative and Artistic Clubs|U.R.P.]]
[[Category:Student Clubs and Societies|University Radio Prod]]<br/>[[Category:Creative and Artistic Clubs|University Radio Prod]]

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Name: University Radio Productions

Previous/other names: U.R.P.

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1950 - 1951

History: Student Radio Productions was a joint organization of student and faculty members that produced radio programs aired on Station CFNB, Fredericton. Students were encouraged to participate as writers, directors, and actors.

Activities: The group produced programmes in three categories: entertainment, current problems, and university life. In its first year, the group broadcasted eleven programmes containing drama, recorded music, documentaries, forums, and round-ups of opinion.



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