University Air Training Corps

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Name: University Air Training Corps, No. 11 University of New Brunswick Squadron.

Previous/other names: U.A.T.C.

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1942

History: U.A.T.C. squadrons were set up in several universities across the country and, under government regulations, were part of the Reserve of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Activities: Those enrolled in the U.A.T.C. underwent two years of prescribed training that included, in its first year, lessons in morse code, air navigation, aircraft recognition, First Aid, followed by a year of practical training in the work characteristic of Manning Depots and Initial Training School. During the summer months, the squadron attended a training camp at an active Royal Canadian Air Force training station.

Those enrolled in the U.A.T.C. travelled to Moncton for a training camp at No. 8 S.F.T.S. in the spring of 1943.



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