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[[File:Comittee of the Fiddle Head.jpg|frame|right|top|500x440px|The Committee of the Fiddlehead. UA PC; Series UA PC 16. Item no. 35 (2).]]{{UnderDevelopment}}
'''Name:''' ''The Fiddlehead''
'''Name:''' ''The Fiddlehead''
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[[Category:Publishing at UNB|Fiddlehea]]<br/>[[Category:Fine Arts at UNB|Fiddlehea]]
[[Category:Publishing at UNB|Fiddlehea]] [[Category:Fine Arts at UNB|Fiddlehea]]

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The Committee of the Fiddlehead. UA PC; Series UA PC 16. Item no. 35 (2).
This entry is currently under development. Please do not consider the entry authoritative until it has been completed.

Name: The Fiddlehead

Previous/other names: N/A

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1945 - present

Role/purpose: The Fiddlehead was first established in 1945. For over 65 years, The Fiddlehead has continually upheld its mandate to publish accomplished poetry, short fiction, and Canadian literature reviews; to discover and promote new writing talent; to represent the Atlantic region's lively cultural and literary diversity; and to place the best of new and established Canadian writing in an international context.

Note(s): Bliss Carman Society formed in 1940 to preserve the tradition of poetry at UNB. The first edition was intended for private circulation for the Society.


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