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'''Name:''' Student Christian Movement
'''Previous/other names:''' Students' Christian Movement
'''Previous/other names:''' Students' Christian Movement

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[[Category:Student Clubs and Societies|Student Christian]]<br/>[[Category:Spiritual Groups|Student Christian]]
[[Category:Student Clubs and Societies|Student Christian]][[Category:Spiritual Groups|Student Christian]]

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Previous/other names: Students' Christian Movement

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1921 - 1969.

History: The Student Christian Movement was an autonomous unit of the SCM of Canada, which was established at UNB in 1921 to continue Christian activity on campus after the YMCA withdrew their presence one year earlier. The SCM was an independant student organization with a Cabinet and Executive Officers established for the planning and carrying out of group activities. The unit also had access to a full-time General Secretary, who provided advice and general counselling. Locally an Advisory Board, composed of local church, faculty, and community members, provided further advice and support, and was responsible for drawing up the group's budget, and providing the financial means for accessing a General Secretary.

Activities: The organization held weekly Bible study groups, provided peer counselling, met to discuss their role as Christians on campus, showed films, held local, national, and international conferences, hosted book displays and sales, and sponsored summer activities such as work camps and student-in-industry projects.

Beginning in 1934, the group published a university telephone directory, which, in the following years, also included such helpful materials as a map of the campus, or the constitution of the Student Representative Council. In 1955, with the University President's approval, the group began awarding scholarships using fund-raised money.

Note(s): Because each SMC unit was governed by its participants, variations in emphasis and orientation occured between units, and over time.


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