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Name: UNB Ski & Board

Previous/other names: Ski Club

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1936 - present

History: The Ski Club was organized in 1936 by experienced skiers at UNB. Interest in the sport increased rapidly, and by 1939, the Club was offering skiing lessons to interested students. In that year two members of the club participated in the Provincial Meet at New Denmark, and won the aggregate for team standing.

Activities: In the earlier years, the club held a Ski School for beginner skiers, sponsored weekly excursions to Royal Road and other ski hills in the area, and published a newsletter containing information about safety practices, styles of skiing and the required equipment, optimal ski locations, and various other information of interest to ski enthusiasts.

Currently, UNB Ski & Board offers bus transportation to and from Crabbe Mountain throughout the winter season, offering discounted fare to club members.

Note(s): In 1966 the City Council installed lights on the practice hill in Odell Park.


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© UNB Archives & Special Collections, 2013