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'''Building Name:''' Ethel Singer Hall[[File:Singer hall.jpg|thumb|right|400x286px|Artist's rendering of Singer Hall, 1987. PR; Series 2; Sub-series 4; File 819; Item 4.]]
'''Building Name:''' Ethel Singer Hall[[File:Singer hall.jpg|thumb|right|400x286px]]
'''Other Names:''' Singer Hall
'''Other Names:''' Singer Hall
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[[Category:Buildings]][[Category:Fredericton]][[Category:Administration]][[Category:Department of Economics|Singer]][[Category:Faculty of Business Administration|Singer]]
[[Category:Buildings]]<br/>[[Category:Fredericton]]<br/>[[Category:Administration]]<br/>[[Category:Department of Economics|Singer]]<br/>[[Category:Faculty of Business Administration|Singer]] [[Category:UNB Fredericton]]

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Building Name: Ethel Singer Hall

Singer hall.jpg

Other Names: Singer Hall

Civic Address: 7 Macaulay Lane

Sod Turning: [1986?]

Cornerstone Laying: [ca.1987]

Opened for Use: September 1987

Official Opening: 17 October 1987 by William Quartermain and Helen Scott (BA'20)

Architect: Mott, Myles and Chatwin

Named for: Ethel Frances Singer (BA'35, MA'37), the first Jewish woman to graduate from UNB.

Renovations/changes/additions: Unknown

Plaque Inscription: Ethel Frances Singer Hall Ethel Frances Singer, B.A.'35, M.A.'38, was the first Jewish woman to graduate from the University of New Brunswick. This building was erected in her memory through the generosity of her sister, Sadie Rebecca Singer. Ethel Singer was born in Sussex, N.B., and died on November 8, 1961, in Moncton, N.B., at the age of forty six.

Notes: The building, a four-storey extension to the south wall of Tilley Hall, is home to the Faculty of Administration and the Department of Economics, with room for office space, classrooms, and computer labs. It brought together for the first time all of the faculty and staff of the Administration Faculty, which had previously been spread across the Fredericton campus. A time capsule was placed in Singer Hall in June 1987, containing mementos of the year, including a solar powered calculator and a computer disk with a message for those opening the capsule in fifty years.


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