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Name: UNB Science Club

Previous/other names: Scientific Society (1943).

Prominent date(s) of activity: 1931 - 1945, [198-] - present?

History: The UNB Science Club was established so that students from the various scientific specialties could come together and share information in their areas of concentration. The primary goal was to promote a diversity of knowledge among science students, and to give science students some experience speaking in front of groups.

On February 28, 1945, a meeting was held to discuss the posibility of disbanding the Science Club. Various more specialized scienctific clubs had arisen from the group, such as the Chemical Society, and the Pre-Medical Society, causing this more general club to be less relevant.

The society was revived a number of years later, and began sponsoring a Science Week in 1986.

'Activities': Students gave talks on important topics from within their specialty, listened to talks by students in other scientific departments, attended guest lectures by prominent scientific experts, and hosted banquets. Science Week consisted of a Mr. Science Competition, ice cream competition, St. Valentine's Day formal (sponsored by the Biology Society), movie night, a mini science fair, and a ski party.

Note(s): In 1941 a levy was imposed upon members for the upkeep of a club newsletter.


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