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'''Events'''<br/>[[Conversazione]]<br/>[[Encaenia]]<br/>[[Encaenial Tea Party]]<br/>[[Encaenial Tree Planting|Encaenial Tree Planting]]<br/>[[Founders' Day]]<br/>[[Quit Rent]]
'''Symbols''' [[University Coat of Arms|Coat of Arms]]<br/>[[Coin]]<br/>[[College Chimes]]<br/>[[University Flag|Flag]]<br/>[[Latin Grace]]<br/>[[Mace]]<br/>[[University Seal|Seal]]<br/>[[University Songs|Songs]]
[[Encaenial Tea Party]]
[[Encaenia Tree Planting|Encaenial Tree Planting]]
[[Founders' Day]]
[[Quit Rent]]
<br/>© UNB Archives & Special Collections, 2012
[[University Coat of Arms|Coat of Arms]]
[[College Chimes]]
[[University Flag|Flag]]
[[Latin Grace]]
[[University Seal|Seal]]
[[University Songs|Songs]]
© UNB Archives & Special Collections, 2012

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