Neville Homestead

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Building Name: Neville Homestead

Neville Farm.jpg

Other Names: Neville Farmhouse

Civic Address: 58 Mackay Drive

Sod Turning: N/A

Cornerstone Laying: N/A

Opened for Use: N/A

Official Opening: [1969?] (new location)

Architect: Fred Neville’s great grandfather

Named for: Fred Neville, Caretaker of the UNB grounds.

Renovations/changes/additions: The building was moved in 1969 from its original location beside Neville House to the other side of Mackay Dr. to face its former foundation.

Neville farmhouse.jpg

Notes: Built in 1876, this house was occupied by Fred Neville for 91 years until his death in 1969. After it was moved, the building served as public relations and information offices. Student Employment Services is currently housed in the Neville Homestead.


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