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Mary Green was the first matron of the first men's residence, the Lady Beaverbrook Residence. She was appointed on May 14, 1930, with her position paying $100 per month plus boarding. Green resigned on October 8, 1935, after UNB President C.C. Jones declared he wanted new management necessary for the Lady Beaverbrook Residence, and Green was replaced by Helen M. Hubbard. An editorial published in The Brunswickan in 1931 gave tribute to Green, stating:

"On entering the ((@Lady Beaverbrook Residence)) one is impressed with the cosiness of the structure and the characteristic neatness, but only after meeting Miss Green can one feel the genuine homelike atmosphere and note the adequate type of efficiency behind the general management. At once, superintendent, nurse, director of cuisine, consoler of the afflicted and general mother to the students, this kindly and capable lady has won her herself the love and respect of every boy in the House. Enriched by years of experience and a sympathetic understanding of boys' problems, the superintendent has so engraved herself on our minds that we say 'There's no one like Miss Green'."

Born in England in 1870, Mary Green died in Fredericton on March 1, 1956.


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