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The WikiTextEditor uses a Mark-up Language to enable functions and modify the text, which essentially means the insertion of special characters that communicate specific commands to the MediaWiki software.

Here are a list of the key characters (referred to throughout both manuals):

  • Pipe (or vertical line): |
    • Used to substitute the titles of entries/pages with alternate names/titles
  • Braces: { }
    • Used in special functions, such as templates
  • Square Brackets: [ ]
    • Used to establish links
  • Single Quotation Marks: ' '
    • Used to modify text - enclosing text with two single quotation marks at both ends will produce italic text, while three will produce bold text
  • Forward Slash: /
    • Different from the Back Slash: \
  • Pound: #
    • Anchor
    • Also used to create a numbered list, if placed at the beginning of a line in the WikiTextEditor
  • Asterisk: *
    • Used to create a bulleted list