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<br/>Return to the [http://lib.unb.ca UNB Libraries homepage]
<br/><br/>Return to the [http://lib.unb.ca UNB Libraries homepage]
Return to the [http://lib.unb.ca/archives/ Archives & Special Collections website]
Return to the [http://lib.unb.ca/archives/ Archives & Special Collections website]
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*Lindsey MacCallum (LM)
*Lindsey MacCallum (LM)
*Shawn MacKenzie
*Shawn MacKenzie
*[[Markmcumber|Mark McCumber]]
*[[User:Markmcumber|Mark McCumber]]
*Rebecca Stilwell
*Rebecca Stilwell
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*Patsy Hale
*Patsy Hale
*<span style="line-height: 1.6;">Patti Auld Johnson</span>
*Patti Auld Johnson
*<span style="line-height: 1.6;">Amanda Tome</span>
*Amanda Tome
== General Editor ==
== General Editor ==

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Archives & Special Collections Wiki - UNB's History at a Glance

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This wiki is intended to provide researchers with 'quick' but reliable information about the history of the University of New Brunswick. Most of the information found in this wiki originated from the 'Vertical File' housed within Archives & Special Collections.

The University Archives Vertical File (VF) is an intentionally-assembled collection of predominately print material on a wide variety of subjects related to the University of New Brunswick. This material, a valuable resource for researchers that is often not readily available elsewhere, pertains to the people, places, and events that have shaped UNB’s history. Topics covered in the VF include: campus buildings (residential and non-residential), faculties/departments, prizes/scholarships, named lectures, faculty/senior administrators, and honorary degree recipients. Individual files may contain pamphlets, flyers, brochures, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, and copies of speeches.

The VF provides important background information for researchers and is often used as the starting point for queries received by Archives Staff from both internal and external researchers.


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  • Lindsey MacCallum (LM)
  • Shawn MacKenzie
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  • Rebecca Stilwell

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