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'''Building Name:''' M. Patrick Gillin Hall [[File:Gillin Hall.jpg|thumb|right|320x459px|Students walk in front of Gillin Hall, 1988. PR; Series 2; Sub-series 2; File 396; Item 1. Photo credit: Joy Cummings-Dickenson.]] '''Other Names:''' Gillin Hall
'''Building Name:''' M. Patrick Gillin Hall [[File:Gillin Hall.jpg|thumb|right|320x459px]] '''Other Names:''' Gillin Hall
'''Civic Address:''' 540 Windsor Street
'''Civic Address:''' 540 Windsor Street
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[[Category:Buildings|Gillin]][[Category:Fredericton|Gillin]][[Category:Faculty of Computer Science|Gillin]][[Category:Faculty of Engineering|Gillin]]
[[Category:Buildings|Gillin]]<br/>[[Category:Fredericton|Gillin]]<br/>[[Category:Faculty of Computer Science|Gillin]]<br/>[[Category:Faculty of Engineering|Gillin]] [[Category:UNB Fredericton]]

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Building Name: M. Patrick Gillin Hall

Gillin Hall.jpg

Other Names: Gillin Hall

Civic Address: 540 Windsor Street

Sod Turning: Unknown

Cornerstone Laying: Unknown

Opened for Use: July 1988

Official Opening: 10 June 1989

Architect: ADI Ltd.

Named for: Mark Patrick Gillin, UNB graduate (BScCE '49, DSc '81), a member of the UNB Board of Governors, awarded title of governor emeritus in 2001.

Renovations/changes/additions: N/A

Notes: Gillin Hall was built as an addition to Head Hall, the engineering complex. The five-storey building contains office space, classrooms, and laboratories for the engineering and computer science faculties.


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