Jean Isabel Hübener

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Full name: Jean Isabel Hübener

Nicknames/Other names: Dr. Jean Hamilton 

Birth: 15 August 1904 in Jarrahdale, Australia

Death: 15 January 1981 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


  • Bachelor of Arts with honors in French and German (1927) - University of Western Australia, Australia 
  • PhD in Mediaeval German and French - University of Bonn, Germany

Dates employed: 1951-1967

Faculty: Arts

Department: Modern Languages

Position held: 

Professor of German (1951-1952)

  • Department of German Head (1952-1967)


  • Efforts led to the creation of the UNB Department of German. 
  • First head of Department of German.
  • Made significant contributiont to the Harriet Irving Library's collection of German language and literature works. 
  • Implementation of graduate studies in German in 1964, during Dr. Hübener's time as head of Department of German.
  • During time as head, the Department of German became renound within the Maritime Provinces for German studies.

Additional notes:

Dissertation subject was "The role of the landscape in German and French mediaeval courtly epics." 

  • Appointed to Guggeinheim Fellowship in 1949 to participate in research on intellectual resistance to the Nazis.
  • Named emeriti at Encaenia from UNB on May 15, 1975