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*UA Case 128; Section 2; File 5; ''Carmina'' [between 1920-1924].
*UA Case 128; Section 2; File 5; ''Carmina'' [between 1920-1924].
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(With apologies) (Music: The Tale of the Kangaroo)

Oh! if I had a daughter I'd dress her up in green, And send her down to Sackville (Wolfville) To coach the Mt. A. (Acadia's) team.

But if I had a son, sir, I'll tell you what he'd do; He'd yell to ------ with Acadia (Mt. A.) Like his daddy used to do.

Note(s): This song first appears in the 1912 edition of Carmina.


  • Carmina Universitatis Novi Brunsvici. Fredericton, NB: Literary and Debating Society of the University of New Brunswick, 1912.
  • UA Case 128; Section 2; File 5; Carmina [between 1920-1924].

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